A New Perspective

An elder, and an inspired 7th grader.
Searching for simple answers.
Nothing profound actually.
Just two people working on perspective drawing.
One age 13, the other, age 72.

This is a true story about the power of connection.
The setting: a community room in the public library
The purpose: play time

There really is nothing special about this story.
Except that it is a testament to the way we as humans interact. And the ripple effect it causes.


Coming out of the fog.....

As I come out of the fog of the last three years... I realize I am planting myself. Again.
"Which way do I turn?"
It is self evaluation time in the life clock world. I have gained so much wisdom, measured outside of BFA's or MFA's. So the re-entry into "where do I fit in?" turns into a threshold of "What really matters?".
This past weekend I was jolted -



How poignant.
My last entry was one year ago this month!

My husband and I have been "gifted" a sabbatical of sorts, with the outcome being one of many blessings.

Now we are rebuilding our lives, rebuilding the focus of my work, and reconnecting to the world.

After all of this change, I am finding my groove, with fresh excitement. I. Am. Slowly. Moving. Doing. Creating.
I am totally immersed in heavenly artfulness. I am blessed.

Living life fully,



Will you be found in 200 years?

In the near future - in four more days precisely - a historical record has the potential of being broken.  And many stories will be told about that record in particular - for generations. Guaranteed.


Will it stop you in your tracks?

It's just part of the every day Minnesota winter - which translates into six whole months out of the year. Snow. Really?

My plans were for a complete weekend of creative inventiveness and freedom in my studio while my husband was out of town.
These intentions were somewhat dismantled by an unexpected


Days like this?

Want a glimpse of what I have been doing lately?
Ahhh...That would be an image of my brain wrestling with the laptop...reflecting, contemplating, planning, all that 'business' stuff.

I needed a break from all of that,


What will you capture today?

The power of emotion. As visible as the kinship between a clydesdale and a puppy dog.
Evoking smiles, sighs, excitement, happy tears, memories.
Our little Nellie....
filled with unconditional love...
and a part of many,
many wonderful memories!
As I reflect on the annual social sporting (and commercial) event of the "Super Bowl", I realize the power of emotion is present in everything. What car we drive. What clothes we wear. What house we choose. What music we listen to. What pets we keep or do not keep. Yes the list is endless.
All of these elements create memories. Feelings. Emotions.
This gathering of emotions is unique to each individual.
What emotions do you hope to capture today?