A challenge for myself

I am such an advocate of viewing inspiring art. I make a trek to the MIA quite frequently for that worldly experience. There are also some fabulous galleries locally that I go to as well. Like the Art Center of Saint Peter, the Hillstrom Gallery at Gustavus Adolphus College, and the Carnegie Art Center of Mankato.
This week I made an impromptu visit to the MIA because I am giving myself a challenge.
I love the Art in Bloom spring exhibit that has occurred for quite a few years, and attend this event as often as I can. The thought of interpreting art through flowers is so refreshing, and challenging! Some arrangements are really out there.
Oh, the artists of the floral arrangements are very serious about this exhibit too! Daily, carting their wagons full of fresh replacement flowers, plucking the wilting petals. The new debutants standing at attention for their moment of fame, until the next round of replacements come in during this four day fashion extravaganza.
Actually it is a sensory overload of the most rewarding kind. The galleries are ethereal with the fragrance of fresh flowers. The sculptural movement of the arrangements make you feel like moving with the twists and turns that are made with twigs, and greenery.

And the vessels.
The vessels.
These are the under-stated acoutrement of each arrangement.

The best arrangements in my estimation are elevated to a higher level of exquisiteness with vessels created by artists in their own right.
Oh to be one of those.....(sigh)

So back to my challenge.
Every time I visit the MIA, I gravitate towards my favorites. And then there are the new additions. The recently acquireds. Ahhhh.
And so I decided to do my own interpretation of Art in Bloom.  

Yesterday, with my cell phone in hand, I took 'snapshots'. (No they were not high photograph quality, however they are great for my interpretation.)
And so I will begin to share with you...
My favorite art pieces, and the creations I make that are inspired by these works of art.

I hope you enjoy them as I share the process and evolution with you.
Yes it takes me a while to go from start to finish. (About 4 - 6 weeks) So you will have to 'hook-up' with me so you see the finished product when it is complete.

Note I took lots of images, so there is not only one I will be creating!
In the meantime.....breathe in Spring!!!


The creative process | Behind the scenes

We learn, we grow. This I know.

This little photo collection is from inside my studio, as I create a vase.

The first step, not even shown here, is the creating of the vessel itself on my potter's wheel.
It takes about 8 pounds of clay, and once it is shaped, the piece is set aside until it is leather hard, and able to be carved.

The whole process takes about 4-6 weeks...of patience.
Hope you enjoy!

Here is what I love to do. Carve.
Bases! I enjoy carving a unique 'foot'. Typically it is a round base. I like to create a more moving and interactive platform.

Earlier in the process, I apply lines to initiate the design


The Soul dance

Today I finished working on a piece that was initially started back in July. Through careful wrapping, this piece was kept in the 'leather hard' stage for .... hmmm... that would be 9 months!!!! Wow! That is incredible!
And today I actually finished it! I am hoping to use it as a pro-type for a project on the house.

I collected leaves from around our property; oak, sumac, willow, and crabapple, and after placing them strategically, I drew them, and now after carving them, I plan on making a mold to use with polar ice slip. (Technical I know, but it boils down to this...) I am hoping to come up with a set of 9 sconce translucent shades to use at our new home. Cross your fingers! I will keep you posted if it works - and also - if it doesn't.  Experimentation is important to share, right?!


What do farmers, electricians, and dentists have in common?

It is everywhere....

I was visiting with my daughter the other day.
"Mom" she said...."I get it now."

Ahhh the joys of wisdom! (smile)

An Accountant.
They use numbers, work on budgets. Deal with deficits. Figure out how to


Coffee shops, a Waste of time, and Visions

A visit at the coffee shop. A gift. For my 55th birthday.
Coffee shop conversations with my mother are always ones of deep reflection and wisdom. She has always been a woman ahead of her time, and she has shared that wisdom with me, always. Encouraging me to find what makes my life tick. As a person, as a soul. Not your usual fluff, really deep questions only asked of by wise women. 

Mom asked to get together for my birthday, her treat. It was a lovely sunny day, and it was my day, so I said yes. After chatting a while our conversation meandered into comparing our memories of what it was like while living at home on the farm. Yes, I do remember.


A New Perspective

An elder, and an inspired 7th grader.
Searching for simple answers.
Nothing profound actually.
Just two people working on perspective drawing.
One age 13, the other, age 72.

This is a true story about the power of connection.
The setting: a community room in the public library
The purpose: play time

There really is nothing special about this story.
Except that it is a testament to the way we as humans interact. And the ripple effect it causes.


Coming out of the fog.....

As I come out of the fog of the last three years... I realize I am planting myself. Again.
"Which way do I turn?"
It is self evaluation time in the life clock world. I have gained so much wisdom, measured outside of BFA's or MFA's. So the re-entry into "where do I fit in?" turns into a threshold of "What really matters?".
This past weekend I was jolted -